For English MMDusers.
I do not possess account of deviantart and Facebook.
They are others when account of my name exists in them.
(The above-mentioned document is written using a translation site.)

February 19, 2012
Nanami Watabe

20 Feb. 2012 added
I got account of deviantart.


Until recently, there are so many cs that many people don’t understand, or do they even refuse to follow,
the guidelines and the terms of use of character model(s) which right-holder claims within their files.
I have bn working hardly with many supporters throughout the world, and most of problems is greatly improved.

However, I am currently facing to major incidence: few people still ignore my words, and send me e-mails
that refuse my request to turn down all models he or she redistributes without my permission, which I strictly
prohibit to anyone at the time of the rele of such files. Hence, I fl bad about informing this that I have
come to decide to terminate the rele of my model data files.

If my decision makes any inconvenience to any of right-holders of models I have created and blished, I sincerely
apologize. And, I would like everyone to understand that it would get worse and more complicated if I leave them.

I greatly appreciate to all of you for using my models.
If you already have my models in your comter, ple use them appropriately under terms of use provided with an
actual data files. I strongly ask you to read, understand, and follow all terms which right-holder of each model specifically states.

July 1 , 2010
Nanami Watabe


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