Ple read this guideline. Every MMD user and fan is expected to follow this rule.


Model data is distributed in Nico Video.

You will be able to understand a password, if a translation site is used.
Kp the password confidential.
When the person who made the password the blic is found, I end distribution.

Follow License if you use MODEL DATA.
License is specified in “readme_en.txt”.

* NOT Redistribute
* NOT Trade
* NOT Edit ( “Raiku Kiki” and “Nanasi” permit edit. However, distributing the edited data forbids. )

When you want to introduce MODEL DATA to other persons, ple follow below.
* You st not write URL of a ZIP file. Stop direct link to ZIP file!!
*It is allowed to write Nico Video URL.

Real data is distributed only below.

  • http://www.meisjesbld.net/
  • http://nanami.s376.xrea.com/
  • http://nanamiwatabe.deviantart.com/
  • Momo Momone Official Site http://www36.atwiki.jp/momonemomo/pages/67.html
  • http://bowlroll.net/up/sc?user=nanami
  • URL containing “dropbox.com/u/62149341 “

Ple do not use/download illegal data.
I am troubled by people who ask for illegal edit data.

The reply to the question which often exists

Q. Ple give me Patchouli Model.
A. My Patchouli Model is created for a SekkenP.I do not hand others Patchouli Model data.
Ple do not ask SekkenP about “Nanami Patchouli Model”.

Q. How old are you? Your sex?
A. I think it dangerous to open the information which can specify an individual to a website.
Therefore, it cannot reply to those questions.
However, “nanami is a 50-year-old male” This is not a fact.


Im afraid I cannot reply to English messages (, as Im not good at the language).
I use a translation site for writing English.

In many cs, I cannot understand Japanese which uses a translation site.
Ple also attach English, when you send the message of Japanese translated at the translation site to me.

  • MikuMikuDance-en はコメントを受け付けていません。

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